Planujesz kupić i wyremontować dom w Grecji?

dom remont Grecji 1Informacja dla tych, którzy planują kupić i wyremontować dom w Grecji: wywiad z naszym partnerem architektem Jamie Anderson z Loci Architects (studio w Stoupa i Aten).

Poniższy wywiad jest w języku angielskim, ale jeśli masz konkretne pytania do Jamie, możesz je również przesłać do mnie po polsku.

Architekt Jamie Anderson o przebudowie i remontach w Grecji 

EK: Location, location, location. Whether our customers want to build a summerhouse or stay in Greece permanently, location is the most important for many of them. And sometimes it means that on the best plot there is already an old house. What, according to you, decides to make decisions tear or renovate?

Renovera hus i GreklandJA: I believe that in the vast majority of cases that it would be beneficial to keep the old house. This would obviously depend on the merits of the specific property and what you would like to achive as an end result.

Even if the initial intention of the client was to shy away from something traditional, I design that combines and manages to balance the old and the new could be very successful.

EK: I know it’s a very general question but generally: is it possible to renovate any house? Or are there any technical problems (such as toilet adaptation) that a buyers should know about?

JA: I believe that there are a couple of situations where a renovation can become difficult but not impossible. Firstly, if the structural integrity of the building has been compromised so badly that extensive and costly reinforcement of the structure is necessary using cement injections, gunite etc.

This does not mean that the renovation would be impossible but simply that it may suddenly become impractical in terms of budget. Secondly, if a specific property is listed, within a listed area or simply near to a listed property, then this can have quite a dramatic impact on the extent of the changes possible. This may result in a property that is quite dysfunctional in terms of space or circulation.

EK: To renovate or rebuild: it takes time to get the project completed. And our buyers are mostly residents in their own countries. How do you help your customers to participate in the project in the meantime?

JA: Yes, to build or renovate can take many months and innevitably most clients will not be present throughout the whole construction.

We always recommend a series of well timed site visits as these always prove to be most useful, as well as visit specifically to visit suppliers and look at options together for floor finishes, wall finishes, sanitary ware etc.

Apart from these planned visits, we usually communicate regularly via email or Skype. Photographs of progress are either sent regularly by email or uploaded to a blog for easy viewing at anytime.

EK: What should I think about when I hire an architect?

JA: When hiring an architect, you are invariably entering into a long term relationship so I think that as with any relationship, communication is the key.

This is essential during all stages to effectively communicate and conclude the design, budgets, timelines, supervision etc. Apart from the communication, it is also a very good idea to see previous examples of work and even speak to past clients so that they can share their experiences.

Any good architect is trained to and will try their best to interperate the needs of the client and to produce the best possible result. This is of course delicately balanced with the budget as well as with the existing land or property.

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